Communicating for Results:

Learn influential and persuasive communication skills that build better relationships and get more done!

Have you ever communicated something to someone and later felt like you had wasted your breath?

Have you ever delegated something only to find later that the work didn’t meet your expectations?

Have you ever experienced a communication breakdown that resulted in lost time, money or energy?

Have you ever found yourself saying…

“This is more difficult than it needs to be.”

“They’re not hearing what I’m telling them.”

“No matter how many times I say it, I just can’t get through to her.”

“We’re just not connecting well.”

“I have no idea what he wants.”

Effective Communication is Your Ticket to Long-Term Success (Professionally & Personally)!

Communication is the lifeblood to our personal and professional success. On average, we spend about 70% of our day communicating. And yet, it’s one of the skills with which we have the most difficulty.

It’s difficult – yet extraordinarily important. Perhaps the single skill most correlated with career and professional success is the ability to communicate effectively.

After all, can you think of a single example of a person with long term professional success that isn’t a great communicator?

Simply put, communication is a two-way process: message sent and message received. But as you know, it’s not that simple. We’ve all experienced communication breakdowns and frustration when the messages we’re sharing are not being received the way we intend.

Why? Because we weren’t taught to communicate in a way that produces results.

When we learn the skills of results-oriented communication it changes everything about our results, our productivity and even reduces our stress level.

Beyond that, your ability to communicate effectively in ways that persuade and influences others directly impacts the quality of your relationships. Because we all communicate, listen and process information differently, it is absolutely essential to have a solid understanding of how different communication behaviors, techniques, tactics, and styles affect your relationships and ultimately your communication effectiveness. When you build this solid foundation, you will truly begin to experience results-oriented communication.

And that’s exactly why we created the Communicating for Results workshop – to help you understand communication behaviors and styles so that you can identify them, and then use them to communicate meaningfully and more effectively.

Developed by communication experts, Carl Smith and Guy Harris, Communicating for Results starts by defining the different communication styles. With this knowledge, you’ll learn strategies for leveraging this knowledge in all of your communications and interactions with others. You’ll learn how each style influences behavior and communication, and how you can use this information for more meaningful communications.


In just 2 days, you’ll learn:

  • Where It All Starts: Becoming a great communicator – what does it mean and what does it take?
  • DISC and Communication Styles De-Coded: How to identify and understand the different communication styles – and then how to apply communication principles to better communicate with people who have different styles.
  • The Role of Emotion: The impact of emotion and how you can use it to become a better communicator. Yes, emotion matters and here you will learn how and why emotion can create better communication results.
  • Developing Influence and Persuasion Power: How credibility and trust impact the way others respond to your communication and how you can use it to ensure understanding and create results.
  • The Value of Silence: Learn how to identify your own personal barriers to listening and then build a listening improvement plan that truly impacts effective work relationships.
  • Effective Communication in Writing: Learn the difference between electronic written messages and paper written messages and how to write emails that get read and get results.

Tailor Your communication to Get the Results You Need

You see, technical expertise isn’t enough.

No matter how skilled or knowledgeable you are, without the ability to communicate, you will not be effective. How you relate to others and communicate directly impacts your performance and sets the tone for success (or failure as the case may be.)

With the communication strategies you’ll learn in Communicating for Results, you’ll learn how to tailor your communication to different people in different situations to consistently produce the results you want with every conversation.

We’ve helped thousands of people in hundreds of organizations like yours break down barriers and start communicating for success – and with less stress and more success. With this vital training, these individuals have been able to garner the respect they deserve, build the relationships they want and get the results they need.